How It Works

Water Out’s process coupled with new technology surpasses the performance of the older methods of drying.


After a flood or water loss the method you choose to restore your property can mean the difference between a rapid recovery and a long and expensive reconstruction project.

Water Out® is a patented drying system. So new that a new terminology needed to be developed to describe the process. That word is convectant and it is exclusive to the Water Out technology. Water Out is an “open” drying system. This means that Water Out uses outside air, not recycled air, to dry buildings and contents. Outside air is brought into the Water Out unit and conditioned to a super dry 2% RH (Relative Humidity), desert air averages 20% RH. That fresh, super dried air is circulated throughout the flooded building.

What do these objects have in common?


ANSWER: They all date back to the 1950’s.

There have been many technological changes since the 1950’s but very little has rubbed off on the restoration industry. Refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers have been repackaged but the methods are the same. These dehumidification tools are called “closed systems.” A “closed” dehumidification system works on a theory that if a building is sealed off from the outside and the equipment can dehumidify the air, the building structure and contents will give up their moisture by evaporation. After six decades the problem remains the same. The process of dehumidification is slow.