Water Damage Restoration / New Construction Drying / Flood Damage

Water Out South Puget Sound uses a new patented drying system for all residential, commercial and new home construction drying. Unlike Servpro type firms, using our technology means that wood, carpets, floors, furniture, and masonry can be saved-- rather than torn out and replaced.


Once the water stops flowing, the actions you take in the next few hours will determine the final cost of the clean-up.

When building materials are left in contact with water after a flood, lots of bad things start to happen. Wood will swell, and warp, contents start to delaminate and decompose.  Get the water removed at once and start to dry your building.

The experts at Water Out are here to help. We have trained technicians and the best drying equipment to take advantage of time.

Our process leaves a dry building, and we do it quickly. This is our restoration recipe.

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