Have you recently suffered from a flood or water damage event? Water Out South Puget Sound’s revolutionary water damage restoration technology is a far superior way to deal with water damage to your home or business. This new technology replaces the old methods of water damage restoration used by traditional companies such as Serv-Pro and others.


Benefits of Using the Water Out Method for Water Damage Restoration


  • Prevent or mitigate costly demolition and restoration after a flood or water damage event.


  • Return to your home or business faster, usually within a few days compared to weeks with traditional restoration companies.


  • Minimize the construction mess that usually comes with water damage restoration and come back to a clean and dry home or business.


Our advanced technology uses heat, air movement, and extremely low relative humidity (lower than a desert’s humidity level) to remove water at the molecular level. This form of water damage restoration is more effective than other commonly used processes because this method will ensure your home and items affected by water damage will dry at a quicker rate, will remove water more completely and our process can effectively halt mold and kill it in place. Additionally, other water-drying methods do not guarantee that your items or home structures will be completely dried and therefore will not require extensive demolition.


As a result, your home and belongings will be restored faster and you will save time and money in the process. These reasons have compelled hundreds of home and business owners to choose the Water Out method for their water damage emergencies.


Where Can You Find Water Out Services?

Water Out South Puget Sound is not only a trusted water damage restoration company that has been operating in the Puget Sound area for more than 16 years, but is also a woman-owned, family-run local business that prides itself in being committed to great customer service and fast, efficient, and complete water damage and mold restoration. Call Water Out South Puget Sound at 360-455-0371 or contact us online.

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